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Are you thinking of working with me? Here are some things people have said about my work.


Day one- painting in progress

“It has been pure joy working with Iona because she exerts pure optimism and passion in what she does.  She is attentive to expectations and has given us 110% input as an artist and that’s not usually the case when we work and collaborate with an artist.  I feel Iona has a very strong grasp in her direction and objectives as an artist which gives us as organizers trust.  What she aims to deliver, she achieves at the same time, she has been flexible and accommodative to our expectations which is promising for any future collaborations. I am inspired by her conviction in her studies in geometry and its positive contribution to the world physically, mentally and spiritually.   I too would like to see her works for public spaces!”

-Najmia Zulkarnain, MOCAfest organizer and coordinator

ionaft canal boat painting












“I asked Iona to create graphics and signage for my narrowboat ‘Aurora’. She created a five fold symmetric modified Penrose tiling that combines elements of the sun, sky and dawn. This was all created from 2 carefully crafted quadrilaterals. It’s insanely clever. Not only do I enjoy looking at it every day, I am sure everyone who walks past the boat feels the same.”

-Jim, commission/bespoke painting client








“We received our wonderful wedding painting — it is absolutely gorgeous! We *love* it. All of its intricate details come together is such a beautiful, calming way. We really appreciate that you involved us in the creation process, taking ideas from us and giving us a sense of what you had in mind. Again, thank you so much. We will cherish this painting for years to come!”

-Jordan, Commission/bespoke painting client

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