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Over the past 7 years, I have travelled the world seeking to expand my mind and learn new techniques of art. This journey took me to live and work in Amman Jordan, London UK, and to spend time in beautiful places like Morocco, Spain, and West Africa.

The use of geometry in my art reflects my belief in the inherent interconnectedness and harmony in the universe, and our connection with the energy that surrounds us.

While I initially learned to paint in the tradition of Western painting, my travels took me to study the ancient art of Islamic geometry, illumination, and under teachers of Persian and Indian miniature painting. I love to make my own paints from mineral and plant pigments, but also love to use the wonderful technology now available to artists- it all depends on what the project calls for.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, I currently live in the beautiful West Coast.



BFA Fine Arts from Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), 2008

MA at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts (London,UK), with a focus on Islamic geometry, 2015


Numerous international clients, including the British Council, Crowne Plaza Hotels, the Government of Canada, and the Hashemite Royal Family of Jordan.


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