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Auction for Syrian refugees

“Syrian mother & child”

100% of proceeds of sale of this original watercolor painting will go to serving food baskets to Syrian refugee families**

When I was living in Amman Jordan I was privileged to meet some incredible people- Um Maryam and her husband have been supporting Syrian refugee families on a weekly basis for the past three years- delivering food baskets, providing constant emotional support, clothing and money to these families. I met many of the refugee women myself- we ate together, prayed together, cried together.

“Syrian Mother & Child” is an original framed ink and watercolor painting (13 x 17 inches with frame).

I started this painting when I was living in Amman Jordan- it travelled with me to London where I have just completed it :)

Auction is starting at £60 and will close Friday Sept 11 2015!
Please message me with your bid if you are interested!

I accompanied Um Maryam in her shopping trips and visits so can guarantee the money is going directly into the hands of these destitute families.

You can see more images on my facebook page

Please share with people who might be interested! Love and light.

***UPDATE: Auction successful & money sent before the cold winter months! Thanks to all those who participated! **